YOU'RE invited to participate!

Dear Survivor and Warrior,

Hello my friend, my name is Donna Anne Pace, 

After publishing my first book in 2018 and receiving a wealth of supportive comments and reviews from across the world, I was amazed at the true power of the spoken word. 

My book chronicled the myriad of life experiences that I have either witnessed or endured since childhood. I wanted to share my story in the hope that, not only could I try to heal myself from my own emotional wounds, but also help others to heal their wounds too. I knew that the core life issues documented in my book would resonate with someone, somewhere - a stranger that I have never met. 

I was so overwhelmed by the geographical diversity of orders for my book, ranging from as far away as Australia! I felt proud of myself knowing that I had achieved one of my life goals, and in the process, helped others to find the courage, motivation, and inspiration they needed to change their lives.

Everyone on this Planet has a story to tell and unfortunately some people endure more than others. How many of you have uttered the words "I am going to write a book", without being able to act on those words or even know where to start?  

I was in that place once and the thought of becoming a Published Author was just a pipe dream. I went on a journey of self-discovery in 2017/2018 and mastered how to do it! 



My goal is to help you reinvent your life and let go of actions and behaviours that have undermined and inhibited you from being the person that YOU want to be! 

Time to take that brave step to a brighter future.  Book now for a 30 minute introductory mentoring session for £20.

Now it's Your Turn!


You are personally invited to join me!


How many years have you been yearning to share your experiences?


To let the world know how you have survived abuse? What have been the repercussions for you to stand up for yourself? How many people in your social circle believe your story? Do any of these questions resonate with you? Do you now feel like you have been pushed too far, for too long, by too many people? Then this is your platform to put your heavy heart and the weight on your shoulders into words!

Since the publication of my first book, my life has CHANGED!

This is WHY I want to help YOU feel the same way I did after sharing my story with the world.   

By sharing your personal story, you will help to teach others how to overcome low self-confidence; how to find their voice; instill hope, and provide comfort from the hostile environment that they are so desperately trying to flee. Your words, your honesty, your transparency to share something which is very private and sensitive with the rest of the world, will help to create a global understanding and awareness.

My Mission

It is NOW my mission to help women become global warriors!

To show the world how you have triumphed over adversity! With the current media climate highlighting the #MeToo campaign, perhaps now us women can finally rid ourselves of the feelings of pain, anguish and guilt that have been shrouding us all for too many years!


How many people in your life have told you that ‘you are not worthy’? ‘You’re a terrible person’? ‘The abuse is all in your head’? ‘Perhaps you asked for it’? No one has the right to treat you with such contempt, disrespect, marginalization and ignorance, no matter if they are family or friends. There is no knowing what you can achieve unless you take yourself out of your comfort zone. How much of your emotional and physical wellbeing will you sacrifice before you break your silence?


Giving Women A Voice

Guest Speaker for Domestic Abuse Charity - The YOU Trust


In May this year I was offered the amazing opportunity to be a Guest Speaker on behalf of a leading Domestic Violence Charity in the South West of England, The YOU Trust.

Only a few years ago I was reliant on this service in order to find the inner-strength and courage to leave my marriage. Here I am now, in 2019, stronger, braver, and more determined in my quest to help women across the world find their voice!  We shall not remain silent anymore! We shall not suffer in silence! We shall rid ourselves from the shackles of hurt, anger and pain....grow invisible wings...and learn how to fly!

Keynote Speaker in Malta - Nov 2018


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I was invited to Malta recently by the President of the Labour Party for Women - Nisa Laburisti.  The event was titled 'It Shouldn't Hurt To Be', and was set up to highlight issues of domestic abuse in Malta and raise awareness.

I shared my own personal story of which was well received. I will continue my campaign to help women across the world to break their silence!

I shall continue to lead the way by helping to inspire, empower, motivate and give courage to women who are too scared to speak up.

We are Global Warriors!


My Meeting With Dr Miriam Dalli MEP!

In April this year the Domestic Violence Bill was passed in Malta. I was overjoyed knowing that the women in Malta were at last going to be provided with the resources and support that they all so desperately need. I am no stranger to domestic abuse and I decided to share my very personal story of being married to a Maltese national with two major Maltese newspapers. The Times of Malta and it-torca both published articles in May this year which highlighted the real-life issues and equally, repercussions I have faced after speaking up about the horrors I witnessed or endured throughout my marriage.

Here's Your Opportunity to Shine!


Ask yourself this question, what legacy do I want to leave behind for my loved ones?

Will it be one of sadness and heartache, or will it be one of success and triumph? I want to give you the opportunity to become a Published Author and be a part of a book that has every intention of going for that Amazon best-sellers title!

This is your time now to let the world know how you have been riding the ‘emotional rollercoaster’, which was free to ride, but came at a price. You are not the ‘perpetrator’, you are the ‘survivor’! Let the abuser continue to play ‘the victim’ for you all know within your hearts and soul the truth, and this shall set you free!

What's the Purpose of the Book?

To Inspire, motivate and give HOPE!

To provide a POWERFUL platform for people just like you to have their voices HEARD! Plus, to have your story of overcoming domestic violence and how you came out on top to live a happy, fulfilled life. 

It's through sharing stories we can heal ourselves and inspire others, I know because I am living proof! It also gives you a very effective, powerful business and marketing tool and a way to show you in the same light as other experts. It's the quickest, efficient, and most cost-effective way for you to share your personal journey of self-discovery and use it strategically to take your business to the next level.


Become A Part of This Book


So, what does it take to be a part of this book?

I know you all have a wealth of experience of facing adversity, obstacles, and life challenges, and that is why I have reached out to you. I knew that you would be the perfect person to share this with and invite to collaborate with me, so that I can share your power insight with the world.

Plus, by becoming a Published Author and having this title next to your name will help build upon your continued success. In addition, it’s a powerful and unique way to build recognition as an expert in this fast-paced world. 

I have invited you along to collaborate in this project because I know that what is needed from you to make this book happen can easily be provided by you. 

All that is needed is:

  • 1 x 3,000 word chapter
  • 1 x preferred image of yourself
  • 1 x 100-word bio
  • 3 x URL website links
  • Complete involvement within the private Facebook group
  • Social media announcement on the day of the launch 

What I will fetch to the table

And in return I will:


  • Publish your chapter in a professional and beautifully designed, fully edited book
  •  ​Print your name and photo on the back cover listed under "Authors of the Book"
  • Give you access to marketing templates, of which you can just copy, paste and post on launch day
  •  A PDF E-book version, that you can sell directly from your website, or print on your own and sell direct. You can also give the book away for free at your events (I would  ask that you don't make it available online for free)
  • The ability to order printed copies direct from me at 50%-60% off RRP
  • Complete leadership and support from me throughout the entire project all the way until launch day. 

Your chapter should cover your own chosen experience, as my goal is to create a book that is a tool to help others. Together we can have a positive impact on other women throughout the world and help them get through their own personal traumas.

If you would like to join me on my mission to empower women around the world, with the added benefit of my goal to hit that best-sellers list, then I would love to have you onboard! It would be a true honour to have you on this journey with me. However, if you do choose to join me, you must be QUICK because..


There are ONLY 6 PLACES!!


As this is an anthology project I could charge upwards of £2000 for it.  However, this project is very close to my heart so I am offering you a place in my new book for FREE. After publication you will be able to generate an income by selling books from your website, at book signing  events or to people in your social network.

Are You Ready?

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your wisdom and continue to build your own audience and social media presence as well as becoming a Published Author. It’s also a fun, inspiring way to reach more clients! Plus, a fantastic way to be the expert in your field!

So, are you ready to join this awesome project and make this book a success?

If so, then don't hesitate to grab your spot right NOW!! 

Remember there are only 6 places available for this project! I would hate to see you miss out.

Join me NOW! Let’s make 2019 a GREAT year!

After Sign Up

You will be placed into a private Facebook group where the journey to creating our book begins!