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My Mission

It is NOW my mission to help women become Global Warriors!

To show the world how you have triumphed over adversity! With the current media climate highlighting the #MeToo campaign, perhaps female survivors of abuse can finally find a way to rid themselves of the feelings of pain, anguish and guilt that have been shrouding them for too many years!


How many people in your life have told you that ‘you are not worthy’? ‘You’re a terrible person’? ‘The abuse is all in your head’? ‘Perhaps you asked for it’? No one has the right to treat you with such contempt, disrespect, marginalization or ignorance, no matter if they are family or friends. There is no knowing what you can achieve unless you take yourself out of your comfort zone. How much of your emotional and physical wellbeing will you sacrifice before you break your silence?  Find a way to reach out to a trusted family member, friend, or Co-worker, and speak up! It will be the hardest step for you to take - but the beginning of a new journey of changing your life for the better.


Meeting with Dr Miriam Dalli MEP - Sept 2018, Malta


In September 2018, Dr Miriam Dalli MEP in Malta, kindly offered to endorse my new book by writing the 'Foreword'.

This new book is going to create the platform needed for women across the world the share their stories of surviving abuse and finally break their silence. With so much happening in the media right now with regards to the #MeToo Campaign, I feel that now is the time for me to act!

I'm a survivor of domestic abuse and no stranger to the repercussions of speaking up. The past few years have taught me what it takes to find the inner courage and strength you need to find your voice.

I am very passionate about reaching out to women across the world and letting you all know that you do not deserve to suffer in silence.

Together we are stronger. 

Together we are Global Warriors!

Giving Women A Voice

Guest Speaker for Domestic Abuse Charity - The YOU Trust

Guest Speaker for Domestic Abuse Charity - The YOU Trust

Guest Speaker for Domestic Abuse Charity - The YOU Trust


In May this year I was offered the amazing opportunity to be a Guest Speaker on behalf of a leading Domestic Violence Charity in the South West of England, The YOU Trust.

Only a few years ago I was reliant on this service in order to find the inner-strength and courage to leave my marriage. Here I am now, in 2019, stronger, braver, and more determined in my quest to help women across the world find their voice!  We shall not remain silent anymore! We shall not suffer in silence! We shall rid ourselves from the shackles of hurt, anger and pain....grow invisible wings...and learn how to fly!

Keynote Speaker in Malta - Nov 2018

Guest Speaker for Domestic Abuse Charity - The YOU Trust

Guest Speaker for Domestic Abuse Charity - The YOU Trust


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I was invited to Malta recently by the President of the Labour Party for Women - Nisa Laburisti.  The event was titled 'It Shouldn't Hurt To Be', and was set up to highlight issues of domestic abuse in Malta and raise awareness.

I shared my own personal story of which was well received. I will continue my campaign to help women across the world to break their silence!

I shall continue to lead the way by helping to inspire, empower, motivate and give courage to women who are too scared to speak up.

We are Global Warriors!

Keynote Speaker in Malta - Nov 2019

Guest Speaker for Domestic Abuse Charity - The YOU Trust

Keynote Speaker in Malta - Nov 2019


In November 2019 I travelled to Malta at the request of the Maltese Government in the capacity as one of their Guest Speaker's for their to commence the '16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence'.

It was such an honor to be invited by the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) to give a speech regarding my experiences of domestic violence, and be in the presence of so many dignitaries.

Together I believe we can all create positive change!

What's the Purpose of the Book?


To provide a POWERFUL platform for my 12 Co-authors, who come from the UK, the USA and Malta, to share their own personal traumatic experiences of surviving abuse, and finally breaking their silence!

To publish 12 amazingly courageous, heartbreaking, inspirational stories of how women around the world are teaching themselves how to overcome adversity and how they have came out on top to live a happy, fulfilled life. 

It's through sharing stories we can find a way to heal ourselves and inspire others.  If this new book can help provide a lifeline to just one woman - I shall feel blessed.  No one should suffer in silence at the hands of another human being #HearMyVoice.


Labour Party for Women in Malta - Nisa Laburisti

I was thrilled to be invited by the President of the Labour Party for Women (Nisa Laburisti) in Malta, Miss Nikita Zammit Alamango, to their event in November 2018.  This prestigious event was set up in order to create more awareness and a better understanding of the issues faced by Maltese people who have been, or are currently being subjected to abuse.