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Release date:  9th March 2018

The Reinvention of Me - 

A Journey Of Self Discovery In A Disenchanted World.

I compiled my book from scratch - from the first word, to designing the cover and to setting up my Kindle Direct Publishing Account.

I do love a challenge!

Published Writer

10th April 2018:  The Platform Magazine in USA.

Published my story about my beloved late-son's fight with his rare-illness and also the launch of

 my new book.

April 2018:  Dr Shellie Hipsky, Editor-in-Chief at Inspiring Lives Magazine (USA), and

President & Founder at Global Sisterhood Non-Profit.

Published my story of how I raised enough money to attend the Global Sisterhood Mastermind & Gala in Pittsburgh, USA.

April 2018:  Dorset Echo Weekend Magazine, SouthWest England.

Published my story about my new book and my personal struggles with my mental health and social stigma that exists in society.

Dare To Dream!

On 13th-15th April 2018 I attended a very prestigious event in the USA!  

The Global Sisterhood Mastermind & Gala. 

 An amazing opportunity to network and connect with many female entrepreneurs; Hollywood celebrities; and a UN Ambassador. This amazing event was organised by Dr Shellie Hipsky.

The event surpassed my expectations and has given me hope and confidence to continue fulfilling my life goals!


Amazon 5* Book Review - 'Moving & Uplifting'

'A moving story of one woman's determination and will to persevere, despite being dealt the worst possible hand. A real testament to the power of positivity and resilience. I think this book will give hope and comfort to people with a similar tale to tell'.   March 2018

Amazon 5* Book Review - 'A journey which you cannot imagine anyone surviving'

'A journey which you cannot imagine anyone surviving; this author comes out strong and positive on top of all the challenges thrown at her. This is a powerful and emotional read that will leave you inspired and ready to take on whatever life may throw at you. Well written, from the heart and truly inspirational'.   March 2018

Amazon 5* Book Review -'Rising above the most difficult of challenges'

'Powerful and very well written. It’s a sad fact that from the moment we are born our future for the most part is dictated by the circumstances we are born into. For probably most of us this can follow a fairly normal and routine progression . For others it seems that they get more than their fair share of challenging situations. Reading Donna Pace’s book it’s obvious she has been dealt an awful hand in life but she proves it’s how you face up to it that makes you the person you become. Such books are far more genuine when the person writing it has had first hand experience of the most distressing aspects of life. To rise above it and seemingly go the way of positivity rather than the alternative is an inspiration'.  March 2018


Copies of my first book, 'The Reinvention of Me' are available to purchase

 or download onto Kindle from or

Download the Kindle App onto any device to read my E-book.

Happy Reading everyone!




My real-life story was featured in 

the Spring Issue of Inspiring Lives Magazine in the United States.

A HUGE thank you to CEO Dr Shellie Hipsky of Inspiring Lives Magazine International, who is also the President and Founder at Global Sisterhood Non-Profit, and everyone involved in making my dreams come true


During my Facebook Live meeting with Dr Shellie Hipsky at the beginning of  2019,  I was absolutely thrilled to find out that I had won a Scholarship for her EmpowerU Masterclass starting in April 2019!  I'm looking forward to connecting with so many inspirational and supportive women from across the world during the 7-week course.

Dr Shellie Hipsky leads the way when it comes to inspiring, motivating, and empowering wome



"As an international Bestselling author of 11 books and the Editor-in-Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine, I found that Donna's story is a powerfully moving one which was well received in the United States at the Global Sisterhood Mastermind & Gala.  Donna is no stranger to overcoming difficult life situations and she wowed us with her huge heart and storytelling abilities".  

Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Author of the Common Threads trilogy.

"With the current emotional landscape that so many women feel they must face alone, Donna Anne Pace gives a voice of hope and healing to women through her personal accounts of tragedy and her consistent commitment to pursue triumph.  As an international speaker and Bestselling author, it was an honor to meet Donna and she served the hearts of so many by taking the courageous step into sharing her journey".  

Lydia Elle, MBA Author of 'And So I Prayed'.