Dear fellow human being!

Hello, my name is Donna Anne Pace, 

After publishing my first book in 2018 and receiving a wealth of supportive comments and reviews from across the world, I was amazed at the true power of the spoken word. 

My book chronicled the myriad of life experiences that I have either witnessed or endured since childhood. I wanted to share my story in the hope that, not only could I try to heal myself from my own emotional wounds, but also help others to heal their wounds too. I knew that the core life issues documented in my book would resonate with someone, somewhere - a stranger that I have never met. 

I was so overwhelmed by the geographical diversity of orders for my book, ranging from as far away as Australia! I felt proud of myself knowing that I had achieved one of my life goals, and in the process, helped others to find the courage, motivation, and inspiration they needed to change their lives.

Everyone on this Planet has a story to tell and unfortunately some people endure more than others. How many of you have uttered the words 'I am going to write a book', without being able to act on those words or even know where to start?  

I was in that place once and the thought of becoming a Published Author was just a pipe dream. I went on a journey of self-discovery in 2017/2018 and mastered how to do it!   

If you would like a 30 minute Mentoring Session for only £20, please click on the PayPal Link above and get started on your literary journey! I will explain the process of the Mentoring Sessions and how I can help you achieve your dream of becoming a Published Author!  Bonus Reward: A FREE Signed Copy of my first book 'The Reinvention of Me' after completing your first Mentoring Session

let me help you


Professionalism and Experience

am a Published Author, Public Speaker and Social Justice Entrepreneur.  

In March 2018 I published my first book on Amazon!  The success of my book took me on my second trip to the United States of America.  

In April 2018 I took an amazing trip to Pittsburgh, USA to attend the Global Sisterhood Mastermind & Gala. I met so many inspirational women and have become a Member of the Global Sisterhood.  In March 2019 my real-life story is going to be published in  Inspiring Lives Magazine in the US, Editor-in-Chief Dr Shellie Hipsky.

In 2005 I single-handedly set up my own bone marrow donor appeal on an International level.  During my donor appeal for my son I was given many opportunities to be interviewed on national TV news networks; Radio; newspapers and magazines.  I even took my son's appeal to the European Parliament in 2008 and in 2013 I set up a meeting with the Maltese Prime Minister's Private Secretary.  

 I believe I now possess the tools and understanding to help you create the life you have only dreamt about!  I've made it happen and I'll show you how you can

make it happen too!


Supportive Journey

My mission in life is to teach, support and empower you to reinvent yourself and your life!



Supporting Artist

Website Designer

Life Coach


Public Speaker




You can accomplish your life goals - just take yourself out of your comfort zone and face your fears!

I have achieved every job title on the list - but I have created and manifested those achievements through sheer hard work, determination, perseverance and a passion to create a better life for my children, for myself, and for other people.

Make today the first day of your new life and go on an amazing adventure!

You are personally invited to join me!


How many years have you been yearning to share your experiences?


To let the world know how you have survived abuse? What have been the repercussions for you to stand up for yourself? How many people in your social circle believe your story? Do any of these questions resonate with you? Do you now feel like you have been pushed too far, for too long, by too many people? Then this is your platform to put your heavy heart and the weight on your shoulders into words!

Since the publication of my first book, my life has CHANGED!

This is WHY I want to help YOU feel the same way I did after sharing my story with the world.   

By sharing your personal story, you will help to teach others how to overcome low self-confidence; how to find their voice; instill hope, and provide comfort from the hostile environment that they are so desperately trying to flee. Your words, your honesty, your transparency to share something which is very private and sensitive with the rest of the world, will help to create a global understanding and awareness.


Successful Women In Business Winner 2019

Successful Women In Business Winner 2019

Successful Women In Business Winner 2019


I was absolutely thrilled to be announced as the Successful Women In Business Winner for the category 'Overcoming Adversity' at the SWIB Awards Ceremony on 7th June 2019, Dorset.

To be amongst so many inspirational, supportive women across the South West of England and hear so many amazing heartfelt stories made me feel so proud to be a part of such an empowering network of women.

As seen on BBC Spotlight

Successful Women In Business Winner 2019

Successful Women In Business Winner 2019


On 5th June 2019 my story of surviving domestic abuse was featured on BBC News in the South West of England.  I shall continue my mission to help women in the UK and abroad to find their voice and break their silence #HearMyVoice.


Successful Women In Business Winner 2019



I have years of experience in public speaking and being involved within the Press & Media.  Let me help motivate and inspire you to become the person that YOU want to be!  

What is it you are looking for in your life right now?  Looking to boost your self-confidence or self-esteem?  Help with relationships?  Career change? Coping with bereavement?  With the skills, knowledge and experiences I have gained over the years, I am now in a position to help guide you onto your chosen life path.

Connect with me for a 30 minute mentoring session. 

Mentoring sessions can be provided via Skype or Zoom, face-to-face, or by phone.  

Book now for a 30 minute introductory mentoring session for £20.

Please make payment via PayPal link prior to any session.