Donna Anne Pace Successful Women in Business Awards Winner 2019Donna Anne Pace Successful Women in Business Awards Winner 2019Donna Anne Pace Successful Women in Business Awards Winner 2019Donna Anne Pace Successful Women in Business Awards Winner 2019

Author of  'The Reinvention of Me'

International Guest Speaker

Social Justice Entrepreneur

SWIB 'Overcoming Adversity' Winner

Embrace Change!

Spring 2020

Publication of 2nd Book!

U.K. U.S.A. & Malta

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Spring 2020

Publication of 2nd Book!

New global Anthology book project for female survivors of abuse to share their own personal stories, and finally break their silence! #GivingWomenAVoice

U.K. U.S.A. & Malta


Successful Women In Business Winner 2019


I was absolutely thrilled to be announced as the Successful Women In Business Winner for the category 'Overcoming Adversity' at the SWIB Awards Ceremony on 7th June 2019, Dorset.

To be amongst so many inspirational, supportive women across the South West of England and hear so many amazing heartfelt stories made me feel so proud to be a part of such an empowering network of women.

As seen on BBC Spotlight


On 5th June 2019 my story of surviving domestic abuse was featured on BBC News in the South West of England.  I shall continue my mission to help women in the UK and abroad to find their voice and break their silence #HearMyVoice.

Global Book Project 2019


In September 2018, Dr Miriam Dalli MEP in Malta, kindly offered to endorse my new book by writing the 'Foreword'.

This new book is going to create the platform needed for women across the world the share their stories of surviving abuse and finally break their silence. With so much happening in the media right now with regards to the #MeToo Campaign, I feel that now is the time for me to act!

I'm a survivor of domestic abuse and no stranger to the repercussions of speaking up. The past few years have taught me what it takes to find the inner courage and strength you need to find your voice.

I am very passionate about reaching out to women across the world and letting you all know that you do not deserve to suffer in silence.

Together we are stronger. 

Together we are Global Warriors!



My real-life story was featured in 

the Spring Issue of Inspiring Lives Magazine in the United States.

A HUGE thank you to CEO Dr Shellie Hipsky of Inspiring Lives Magazine International, who is also the President and Founder at Global Sisterhood Non-Profit, and everyone involved in making my dreams come true


During my Facebook Live meeting with Dr Shellie Hipsky at the beginning of  2019,  I was absolutely thrilled to find out that I had won a Scholarship for her EmpowerU Masterclass starting in April 2019!  I'm looking forward to connecting with so many inspirational and supportive women from across the world during the 7-week course.

Dr Shellie Hipsky leads the way when it comes to inspiring, motivating, and empowering wome



"As an international Bestselling author of 11 books and the Editor-in-Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine, I found that Donna's story is a powerfully moving one which was well received in the United States at the Global Sisterhood Mastermind & Gala.  Donna is no stranger to overcoming difficult life situations and she wowed us with her huge heart and storytelling abilities".  

Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Author of the Common Threads trilogy.

"With the current emotional landscape that so many women feel they must face alone, Donna Anne Pace gives a voice of hope and healing to women through her personal accounts of tragedy and her consistent commitment to pursue triumph.  As an international speaker and Bestselling author, it was an honor to meet Donna and she served the hearts of so many by taking the courageous step into sharing her journey".  

Lydia Elle, MBA Author of 'And So I Prayed'.



I have years of experience in public speaking and being involved within the Press & Media.  Let me help motivate and inspire you to become the person that YOU want to be!  

What is it you are looking for in your life right now?  Looking to boost your self-confidence or self-esteem?  Help with relationships?  Career change? Coping with bereavement?  With the skills, knowledge and experiences I have gained over the years, I am now in a position to help guide you onto your chosen life path.

Connect with me for a 30 minute mentoring session. 

Mentoring sessions can be provided via Skype or Zoom, face-to-face, or by phone.  

Limited time only!  Book now for a 30 minute introductory mentoring session for £15.

Please make payment via PayPal link prior to any session.

Labour Party for Women in Malta - Nisa Laburisti

I was thrilled to be invited by the President of the Labour Party for Women (Nisa Laburisti) in Malta, Miss Nikita Zammit Alamango, to their event in November 2018.  This prestigious event was set up in order to create more awareness and a better understanding of the issues faced by Maltese people who have been, or are currently being subjected to abuse.

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